Triple Z Threadz Style: c boys

Local Talent, Always on Display

By Matthew Meade

If there is one thing that is not lacking in this great city of Austin, it would have to be the abundance of musical talent that pours into town on a weekly basis. Musicians from near and far all hope to venture to the “Live Music Capitol of the World” to showcase their art and make a name for themselves. I always enjoy a great live set, and if it is teamed up with discovering some new artist who makes my booty shake, even better.

Thankfully for me, working at Triple Z Threadz leaves me in a rather prime location for whenever I’m able to catch a live set or two after closing time. South Congress has a number of historic venues and clubs that embody the whole reason why people love coming to this funky town of ours. So i wandered on up to C-Boys, a bit south of our shop located at 2008 South Congress Ave. After grabbing myself a double shot of whiskey, I make my way into the back to soak up the sprawling patio area they have here.

I’m greeted by a gentleman who’s very soft spoken, very put together and at the same time, appears nervous. His name is Dylan Bishop, and he’s performing next. Based out of the Dallas-Ft.Worth area, Dylan makes his round all over this great state, none more prevalent than his stints around Austin. His style of play could easily be compared to that of the legends Stevie Ray Vaughn, Mercy Baby, Johnny “Guitar” Watson, and Frankie Lee Sims. Him and his simple band setup produce such an abundance of sound and soul, it’s easy to get lost in his sets. Being a young man as well, it’s no doubt in my mind that this old soul is going to make it quite far in this business.

Suffice to say, I left that night both full of liquor and soul. You can catch Dylan Bishop and his band every Tuesday night at C-Boys, but he also performs at many other venues in this city such as Antone’s and The Continental Club. To learn more about him and his music, or to find out where he’s going to be playing on any given night, feel free to visit his website at

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