Who the hell do we think we are?


Once in a millennia, a brand comes along that shapes the very essence of humanity. They move, inspire, and provoke entire generations to action, inciting change at every corner, invoking a movement beyond themselves, shifting the trajectory of time and space…

We are not that brand.

Nah, dude. We’re the roll out of bed and call it a self care day brand. The beer and queso for breakfast brand. The walk of shame? More like walk of heyyyyyyyyyyy! brand. The all I did today was binge watch Naked and Afraid while stalking my ex on every single social media platform brand.

And we’re a-ok with that.

When you walk in our shop, you’re in the home of the fun uncle who keeps the liquor cabinet full. The office of the cool boss that overlooks how clearly hungover you are every Friday morning and brings you a Gatorade back from lunch. The arms of the best friend who can’t keep her shit together and consistently forgets your birthday, but makes up for it with the dopest gifts.

This is a raunchy, messy, safe space, and you’re welcome here.

What we do....

Alright, so the run down is we take badass vintage pearl snaps and embroider the hell out of ‘em. We’ve been the finest purveyors of embroidered crap since 2005 and call Austin our home. We’ve got a fuck ton of original designs, on top of rad shit like graphic tees, home decor, fun gifts, and so so so much more. Check it out. Come say hi to our awesome crew on South Congress Avenue, and let us know what you think of our awesomeness.

Be our friend. Shop local. Keep it nasty.



Business Hours:
SUNDAY: 10:00am-7pm
MONDAY - THURSDAY: 11:00am-7pm
FRIDAY: 11:00am-8:00pm
STURDAY: 10:00am-9:00pm

Phone: (512) 994-6878

Address: 1708 South Congress Ave.