Triple Z Threadz Style: Alladin Sane

Embroidery Made Badass with ZZZ

By Matthew Meade

Embroidery Made Badass with ZZZ

Many folks have gotten to know us here at Triple Z Threadz over the 13+ years that we’ve been around, from our start in the artist markets of South Congress all the way up until we first opened our flagship store in March of 2016. There are always plenty of questions that people ask us, since we are a bit off the cuff from your standard shopping experience. One of the most important of these, however, lies in our bread and butter, the embroidery itself. It’s an important piece of the process to us here at the shop, and it’s the final step to bringing our visions to life before we tag them and put them up for display in the shop (like the beauties they are).

Our embroidery designs all start out as something rather simple, an idea. From there it’s sketched into existence, and then the magic begins to occur. We hand off our end of this deal to our Master Embroiderer Lucas at his shop in South Austin, so that they may soon come to life. All of our threads for our embroideries are eco-friendly, that way you don’t have to choose between that badass pearl snap and that fancy kale salad you’ve been eyeing. From there, he uploads the design into the machines computer, where it begins to take physical shape. After all the kinks have been worked out, it’s time for a test run. We put a shirt into the embroidery machine, tie her down, cross our fingers and hope for the best.

Watching the machine whiz back and forth as it pierces through the shirts fabric with thousands of our threadz, our ideas begin to come to life. After a short time of being mezmerized by the process (liken it to watching bacon sizzle), we have success. Our newest idea child is now a reality, and boy is he perty. Seeing David Bowie’s infamous Alladin Sane silhouhette brazened into a kick ass pearl snap is something special. Something we here at the shop have been looking forward to for quite some time. We just hope you all enjoy it as much, or at least close to as much, as we all do here at the home of the most badass embroidery you ever did lay your eyes on.

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